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Named Regional Coordinator of JASNA Central California Region (Jane Austen Society of North America).  (January, 2018)

Completed my directorship of the Rogue Performance Festival in Fresno. Welcomed 50 acts into 10 venues for 250 performances over two weekends. Three thousand audience members attended. (March, 2018)

  • Rogue Festival 2018
  • JASNA Regency Picnic and Walking Party 2018

Coming Up: Colonial Fair at Riley’s Farm in July.  Understudying a role for Good Company Players’ “Steel Magnolias”.



  • Dickens Christmas Fair, December 2016
  • Rogue Festival planning. July 2016 – February 2017
  • Wedding Planning
  • Got married
  • Established a JASNA Region in the Fresno Area
  • Produced two historical events for JASNA
    Regency Picnic and Walking Party
    Music and Jane Austen Concert.



I take my nonsense seriously.