Notebooks and Blogs

I keep a lot of notebooks all over my home. And my office. And in my purse. For some reason, I have a paranoia that I’m going to get a grand idea at any moment and I won’t have any means of writing it down.

I rather do the same thing with blogs. I’ve kept many blogs on and off for at least 20 years. I’m not very good at them or very regular. But it seems as though I like to have one for every different topic in my life.

I have the occasional theater blog, What’s My Call Time here.

I have a fan blog that’s supposed to be about a lot of different things, but is really just about a fandom I’ve dipped a toe in.

I have a sew-along blog (for historical costuming) that I did one sew-along on and then abandoned.

So, naturally, I’m starting this one.  But this one is just a catch- all. The general “Heather Parish” blog.  Right now I need to document a bit about my weight loss goals and my mother’s death. Maybe some other things, too.

Perhaps someday I’ll integrate all of the blogs into one random place. We’ll see.  But that might seem too much like a coherent personality to me. And I’ve rather gotten used to being all over the place.

But anyway. . .Let’s Try It and See What Happens, as I like to say.


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