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Check In and Lab Work – 10/18/17 + Facebook suggests recipe sites

Finally had my follow up labs done to see how the weight loss and “re-balance” of my diet has affected my health.

  • Weight: 240 lbs (down 37 lbs)
  • Blood Pressure: 120/70  (down from 135/90 in May)
  • Cholesterol – 235 (down to borderline range from high range)
  • LDL: 161 (down from 205 – significant improvement, but still borderline high)
  • HDL: 41 (up from 40 – good movement, still need more)
  • Triglycerides: 167 (up from 142 – probably due to my weight change that can have weird effects on triglycerides)
  • Ac1: 5.7% (down from 6.2 but still just in the pre-diabetic range).


My labs indicate a lot of good movement in the right direction, but not as much as my doctor was hoping for at my relatively young age. She suggested some statin drugs for the cholesterol, but I tend to err on the side of conservative treatment (do what I can without drugs or invasive procedures until absolutely necessary). I convinced her to give me another six – eight months working the diet and exercise plan to see what improvements can continue to be made. 

The next hurdle is probably the upcoming holidays and the need to step up a strength training regimen.


I’ve definitely hit the first weight loss slow down part of the journey. I’ve slowed from losing 1.5-2 lbs per week to about 1 lb a week on average. It was expected, but can be hard to keep motivated. The lab work definitely was a perk up, though.

I also have to admit that, on the whole, I generally feel better than I did last spring. So that’s something.


I’ve logged every single meal – as honestly as I possibly can – in MyFitnessPal every single day since I started. Even if I let myself slide on a few days or have a rougher week, I can at least say that I’m not lying to myself!


I did a shout out on Facebook to get some new recipe sites to look at. I need to expand my options! There were a lot of great suggestions of a wide variety of sites. Take a gander if you’re looking for resources:




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