General Blog Update

I have struggled with how I would like to use this blog moving forward. I’m an intermittent blogger at best and I haven’t been keeping up with my diet and exercise updates. But I’d like to set a goal that I do them more often. They will very likely be repetitive and quite dull to most people. But I want to share a bit more often publicly, A) for accountability and B) because every once in a while I get asked a question about my food prep or weight loss process that linking to a blog would be much simpler to answer!

Going back over my year and doing some reflective or assessing blog posts is also in the cards.

I already do a weekly food and exercise journal each week to assess what I’ve done with my food plans and how I need to move forward. I’m okay with putting some of that in a more cohesive thought online.

I’d also like to use this space to log my sewing projects because I need to see the little wins on that front. I find sewing to still be incredibly intimidating and I need to have a record of what I get done and what I’m procrastinating on – and how I’m learning and growing – to build some motivation to keep going.

I still have my What’s My Call Time theater blog, and I may still keep my theater oriented thoughts there, just because it is still so established and is linked to our regional theater community and my theater newsletter.  But all other project/goals/life stuff, I’d like to get in the habit of putting here. It will also help me to integrate the very disparate aspects of my life if I can see them all in one spot!

At least I hope so!


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