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Meal Prep 8/22/20: Pasta salad, tacos, and basics

When I graduated and no longer had easy access to the place, I reverse engineered my experience of that pasta salad. The place closed a few years after I graduated, but the pasta salad has stuck with me. My mother loved it and in the year or two before she died, she'd ask me to bring her some of my pasta salad because she missed it so. 

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Minimum Baseline May

During the month of April, the Facebook group I moderate called “Healthy Habits Everyday” took on a challenge called “Taking Action April” where everyday participants did one thing on their to-do list that they just didn’t feel like doing in order to transform our feeling resistance toward daily tasks. This month, we’re going to tackle… Continue reading Minimum Baseline May

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Muslim Advocacy and Anti-Islamophobia Groups You Can Give To

After Friday's horrific events in Christchurch, New Zealand, I am reminded that Islamophobia knows no borders. I don't care what your personal political beliefs, if people (whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, or otherwise) being slaughtered during the vulnerable time of coming together as a community doesn't disturb the hell out of you, I despair of… Continue reading Muslim Advocacy and Anti-Islamophobia Groups You Can Give To

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Meal Prep: Basic and Easy Edition

I'm headed into an incredibly busy six weeks and am going to have to think a little more strategically about my meal preps beginning next weekend. On the docket this week: After work I have two rehearsals for two different projects and the Rogue Festival Muse Reveal one evening. So that means planning for some… Continue reading Meal Prep: Basic and Easy Edition