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Publishing Presentation Slides

JASNA Central California Region (Jane Austen Society of North America)

Nominated the Regional Coordinator of the Central California region of JASNA, to begin in January. JASNA hosts a variety of events centered around Jane Austen, her literature, and her world. Book discussions, English Country Dances, lectures on the time-period, and myriad other activities for the history and literature lover. (This is actually my “fun admin activity”!)


Historical costuming and events.

Cosplay for history and literature geeks, historical costuming activities also involve events and historical interpretation in educational settings. My group and I work in the following eras: Tudor, Elizabethan, late 18th Century and American Colonial, English Regency, mid-19th century, and Edwardian eras. We sometimes throw events to go with the costumes and I sometimes make photographic portraits of them.

Next big historical costume gig: A Colonial Weekend at Riley’s Farm in July, 2018.



Regency Picnic and Walking Party – Event Co-Chair for JASNA

Music and Jane Austen – Event Co-Chair for JASNA

Regency Picnic and Walking Party – Event Producer for JASNA

Fresno City College Renaissance Festival – Festival Producer (7 years)

Mrs. Parks’ Rout English Country Dance – Co-Producer for PERC Fresno

Time Travel Tea – Event Producer for PERC Fresno and The Gaslamp Society